OKR Asia

Measure & Do What Matters

Setup Objectives & Key Results and get them done with the right actions. 



To focus and create results for your company, OKR Asia offers to:

  • Set-up OKRs to focus on top priorities and define clear result measurement

  • Manage & track OKRs & actions to achieve your results and adapt to new situations & challenges

  • Align, inspire & empower your teams with the right communication and OKR tools

We can support you to get the 3 months OKR cycle up and running with the right trainings & workshop preparation, communication and IT tracking tool.

As part of Asia PMO we offer a full range of business transformation services, like Project / Agile / Change Management and Customer / Employee Experience and Digital Transformation. 



Over 5 years experience in OKR setting & action implementation in Europe, North America and Asia, including Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore. Under Asia PMO we specialize in OKR workshops, consulting and 1:1 coaching to achieve your desired results.




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