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Do you want to try OKRs?

As a great new service we would like to offer our 3 months OKR coaching for Founders, Entrepreneurs and any Start-up Leaders (can also include their teams).

The OKR Coaching enables Leaders to try OKRs in real-time for a complete quarter before they decide if or how they want to roll it out to their companies or teams.

It comprises of 14 hours per quarter including an one hour OKR training to understand OKRs and an one hour OKR workshop to set-up OKRs for the next quarter for the company or team level.

1. OKR Training / Webinar

(ideally in the last month of previous quarter)

a. to understand OKRs vs. KPIs & Action Management

b. to learn the correct setting of Objectives, Key Results & Actions

c. to introduce the 3 months OKR management & action tracking

d. to establish the change management requirements & cultural needs

2. OKR Workshop

(last month of previous or first week of new quarter - online possible)

a. to align on Mission, Vision, Strategy & company values

b. To get feedback on current situation and review previous quarter

c. To develop Objectives for next quarter

d. To develop & align Key Results

e. To brainstorm Actions & Projects for to implement & follow-up

OKR Workshop with experienced managers
OKR Workshop Asia PMO

3. Weekly Tracking & Reviews Meeting:

a. Measure team actions versus company & department key results

b. Align cross-departmental issues, solutions & tasks

After the training and the set-up of the OKRs + Action for the quarter, we will have a weekly follow-up to measure the progress of the teams versus the company key results. Therefore, it would be necessary that the leader has the progress information from the teams before joining the weekly tracking & review meeting.

Additionally, in meetings at the beginning of each month we will make a review to check if the OKRs are still feasible for the rest of the quarter. At the end of the 3rd quarter, we will have a full quarter review and set-up of new quarter in one session.

The benefit of this OKR coaching program is that OKRs can be practiced and tested by the leader without involving the teams directly. Furthermore, it could be tested how the specific business could be displayed in Objectives and Key Results and what is measurable and achievable.

As Asia PMO we run various OKR Coaching with Founders, Start-up Leaders and Department Heads for one quarter before they actually rolled it out to their teams. We had among our client’s companies such as Scratchpay, Lazada, InterCommerce and Ebay from Singapore, Vietnam, UK & USA.

Besides the program above we can tailor it to your needs regarding the industry, size of teams and reporting and data availability.

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