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OKR Software for Salesforce

Choosing the right OKR software for a Salesforce-dependent business

Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the market and an extremely important tool for many companies, acting as their backbone in many cases. Many organizations actively utilize Salesforce for their business operations and rely on it for more than just their sales funnels.

If your business falls under that umbrella and you’re reading this blog post, you must be looking at implementing the OKR practice within your organization and wondering what your options are.

Benefits of Implementing OKRs

The benefits of adopting OKRs within your business are well-documented, both right here on People Stretch Solutions and in most other goal & performance management communities, with John Doerr defining them in his book “Measure What Matters.”

John is one of the founding fathers of OKRs and the one responsible for introducing them to Google in 1999. He identified 5 key benefits to implementing OKRs in an organization. These 5 key benefits are:

  • Focus - by prioritizing the most important goals

  • Alignment - by ensuring all tasks contribute towards the company goal

  • Commitment - by providing transparency on who is responsible for what

  • Tracking - by measuring progress and doing weekly check-ins

  • Stretching - by striving to achieve bigger and better results

Choosing a Salesforce-Integrated OKR Software Tool

Many experts agree that OKRs can provide immense value to organizations, but with so many different tools and software options out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to invest in. In addition, as a Salesforce-dependent business, it is extremely important that any OKR tool you consider is able to integrate with your Salesforce org in one way or another.

This is because having an OKR tool that works with Salesforce comes with many benefits, one of them being the ability to have your OKR progress get updated automatically by binding key results to your organization’s Salesforce reports.

What makes this feature so useful for businesses that actively use Salesforce is the fact that it makes adopting OKRs in your organization so much easier. One of the most difficult parts of implementing OKRs within an organization is convincing everyone to actively update them when progress has been made, so when OKRs don’t have to be manually updated all the time, people are more likely to adopt and commit to them!

OKRs in Salesforce

The good news is that most of the OKR tools on the market that offer Salesforce integration offer this feature as part of it. That being said, not every tool does it the same way. Some tools have more complicated setups required for Salesforce integration whereas others such as Ally, Gtmhub, Profit, & 7Geese have made the integration process fairly simple.

However, if you’re looking to get even more out of your Salesforce integration, then you have to look for a solution that is actually developed within Salesforce itself. Luckily, there is one tool that fits this description and it is Axy OKR. Axy OKR is an OKR performance management tool built entirely within Salesforce which means that it has the same look and feel as the platform itself. This makes it extremely intuitive for Salesforce users to learn which makes the adoption of OKRs within organizations much easier.

Not only are you easily able to bind Salesforce reports to key results for automatic tracking just like all the other OKR tools that offer Salesforce integration, but what makes Axy OKR unique is that since it is a part of Salesforce, it means that your data never leaves the platform (which is important for data security & reliability) and you also get to utilize the same permission sets and customizations that your Salesforce org already uses.

Axy OKR offers a free 30-day trial and you can also schedule a demo with the Axy7 team if you wish to get a personalized walkthrough of the tool. For more information, check out their website or Axy OKR on the Appexchange.

And if you’re looking for guidance on how to come up with an OKR strategy for your organization, then look no further than our team at OKR Asia. We are experts when it comes to OKRs and OKR implementation for all different types of organizations. Get in touch with us at

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