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Get ready for exciting new facilitator roles in your company!

There a lot of exciting roles you can take on part-time or full-time to support teams in companies to work more agile and aligned to create amazing results:

Scrum Master: (part-time / full-time)

Facilitate the organisation, cadence, roles and meetings in agile squads or tribes (cross-functional teams built for a project purpose). Supports the team and the Product Owner to create an functional agile team.

OKR Champion: (part-time)

Supports team to facilitate the goal setting, tracking and achievement and the alignment with other teams and management targets / strategies. Helps to get everybodies daily action and doings connected and accountable towards company goals and results.

Chief of Staff: (full-time)

Originally a role from politics and military, we see more and more start-ups hiring a chief of staff to coordinate and organise (not only facilitate) Strategy & Goal Setting by OKR Alignment, coordinate Projects, Staff outings, etc. In more traditional companies as similar role is Head of PMO (Project Management Office)

Often these kind of roles come up in companies and they look for volunteers for it. It is advantageous if you have Project Management, Scrum or OKR knowledge or certifications before joining any agile or start-up environment to be ready when these exciting roles pop up. Contact us, we are happy to give discounts and scholarships to mentees on or as authorized partner of Certiprof Scrum & Agile Certifications.

This blog was written by Carsten Ley, Entrepreneur, Enabler & Project Lead in Customer Experience, Project & Business Transformation leading large scale project implementations in Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Consulting & Experience Management for companies like Deloitte Germany, VW Mexico, Rolls-Royce UK, Lazada Vietnam and H&M South East Asia. He founded 2018 Asia PMO, a consulting firm focussing on getting clients fast and efficient into implementation of company objectives, customer & employee experience improvements to foster a result- and team-oriented environment.

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