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OKRs for Pharma!

With our recent global Pharma OKR Client, we would like to highlight our learnings and approaches regarding Strategy & Goal Setting.

Our client is a global spin-off with approx. 20K employees dedicated to Women Health Care. Given the nature of the recent split from a MNC Pharma Giant and the focus on product and employees, the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) roll-out was target on:

Product, Product, Product!

Most OKRs are product or tool specific and make sure that the R&D (Research & Development) Teams are running tests and pilots or that the cross-functional product teams work closely on client solutions and improvements.

OKRs is more used about the product development stage rather than the production and market roll-out stages as the speed and quality of product development to keep a competitive edge with an amazing customer experience on their health.

Pharmaceutical companies know what matters and focus on it with OKRs, read more here:

Care about your Employees

As a healthcare provider it is not only important to care about the health and wellbeing of your customer but also of your employees and partners. Our client was setting-up OKRs to to create an amazing employee experience and foster well-being among employees and teams with focus on communication and alignment.

Furthermore transparency was key to include every team member in the work on the goals and to make clear how their daily work and projects contribute to Objectives & Key Results.

To understand more on Employee Experience, please visit Asia PMO on:

Agile Planning & Execution

The planned achievements in an OKR quarter were more reflected in a trying & failing or succeeding mode rather than a rigid planning given the nature of the product developments. Both in Employee Experience and Product OKRs, the customer inclusion and the constant feedback improvement of the staff and potential market was one of the main key results rather than finished products.

For this new Pharma Spin-off it was important to inspire their employees with an agile Goal Setting like OKRs while giving them the freedom and opportunity to try different approaches under these overall goals.

For more information how to introduce OKRs, Project & Action Management and how to achieve a result-oriented and agile culture please contact us here or on

This blog was written by Carsten Ley, Entrepreneur, Enabler & Project Lead in Employee Experience, Project & Business Transformation leading large scale project implementations in Banking, Consulting, Project & Experience Management for companies like Deloitte Germany, VW Mexico, Rolls-Royce UK and Lazada Vietnam. He founded 2018 Asia PMO, a consulting firm focussing on getting clients fast and efficient into implementation of company objectives, customer & employee experience improvements to foster a result- and team-oriented environment.

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